Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go, Chris Martin!

While on the treadmill I also witnessed, about 687 times, the video of Chris Martin defending himself from the uncouth attentions of a paparazzo. It's on You Tube if your curiosity is killing you.
Martin pushes the guy into the ground and then, in a lovely coup de grace, takes his camera. All the time while saying something like "have some respect". He is totally right. Me, I would have taken the camera and smashed it (with my fiery Enchilada blood). The woman is just coming out of the hospital, for crying out loud. We don't know what her malady is or what she was told while she was in there. She deserves some privacy. Meanwhile you stand to make a bundle of money just for taking her picture. It is despicable. The guy was even asking her, like "is everything allright", to get her to look up, as if he gave a shit. Then one moron paparazzo accuses Martin of being a jerk. Have some respect is right.

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