Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pity the athletes

If I were an Olympic athlete ready to compete in Beijing, either I would go there months in advance to get used to the pollution, or I would stay at home and breathe. Fuck the medals.
When I was there, it did not feel so bad because there were strong winds sweeping everything away. Still, if there are any sports scheduled for Shanghai, I advise the athletes to run with oxygen tanks strapped to their bodies. It is very bad.
All of China seems polluted. You go to Taishan sacred mountain and in the middle of the wilderness you can see the layer of smog, and we had a lucky, clear day, according to the tour guide. You go to the Yellow River near Jinan, it's a film of putrid yellow smoke hanging over you.
I don't think it is only the cars that pollute, but also the industry, the coal people use to keep warm. Luckily for the athletes that will not be the case in the Summer.
There is way too much unchecked development in this country. You can see it and breathe it.

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