Thursday, January 10, 2008

More funky foods

Thousand year old eggs.

Ancient looking soft shell turtle.

Green eggs, no ham.

Dried rabbit, duck and fish and unidentifiable beast.

Sauteed silkworms.

You may not believe me, but most of the food we had in the tour was really good (none of the funky stuff above for us tourists). They took us to group restaurants for the most part, but the food was very diverse, and very tasty. Yummy Chinese food like kung pao chicken, lots of really fresh sauteed vegetables, nothing to complain about. In several occasions I got headaches after lunch but I can't decide if it was MSG or the pollution or both. But for one Peking duck dinner we had in a real restaurant, however, we missed the experience of eating with other people that weren't tourists. The Peking duck dinner place in Beijing was full of Chinese people having a ball and the table next to us were getting joyously smashed, making lots of noise. That was fun.

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