Friday, March 06, 2009

Gay Marriage

To the gay people fighting for the right to be married by a secular court, those cute posters with the love is love bullshit are not going to help the cause. The right to marry is a practical, legal issue of equal rights, not of romance, or love or any of that crap.
Sometimes I feel that the American public only understands certain issues when things like money and material benefits are involved. So it is in this case. Straight people don't give a flying fuck whether gay couples love each other. However, they should be appalled at the discrimination and the terrible financial, legal and social limitations that come to gay couples and gay families from not being protected under the same laws as everybody else. It's as simple as that.
Precisely because marriage was supposedly created to protect children and families and the social fabric, gay families, which are now an unquestionable reality in this country, are fighting to get married. Not for love, not because marriage is sacred, but because only as married can they ensure that they and their children will have equal rights under the law. This has more to do with practical issues like visitation rights, estate problems, and insurance eligibility than any romantic or sacred notion.
Marriage is not sacred. Ask the 50% of people who get a divorce. Marriage is a practical social institution. That in our age people choose to marry for love (like that crazy bitch, the second wife of Sir Paul McCartney, remember her?) is a new development. Marriage impacts the taxes you pay, the insurance you are eligible to get, the right to care for someone dying in a hospital, etc.
As such, it should be legal for people of whatever sexual orientation to marry in a secular court of law and have the same legal rights as every other taxpaying citizen of this country.
This has nothing to do with religion, which is a pox on mankind.

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