Friday, March 06, 2009

Republicans are losers

When Sarah Palin appeared on the scene, I thought the Republican party had hit its lowest nadir.
The lowest of the low of condescending to the American people. Little did I know how far from that they still were in those unbearable days.
It's nothing short of amazing (and somehow disturbingly lovely) to watch them continue free-fall and implode today, even in worse shape than before. Their absurdity, their utter disconnection with the real psychology of this country, their disregard for the well being of the citizens, their idiotic ideological impasses, their lame attempts to connect to the people, their stupid and stubborn refusal to get with the program. They are pathetic and people know it. They are a disgrace. It is not a coincidence that they do not have viable leaders. How can you be a viable leader of lies and corruption and stupidity? Most certainly Abe Lincoln they are not.
And if a fat, inflated fuck like Rush Limbaugh (and the rest of the slimy rightist pundits) is the best they can do, they have really dug their own grave.
I'm happy to see them flail and disgrace themselves deeper into the hole.
People are dumb but they can't be so dumb as to forget who got us here in the first place, with their unstoppable greed and their disgusting disregard for a more fair and humane society.
Investigate Bush and Cheney and prosecute the bastards.
Regulate the banks. Send the CEO's to jail. Get those bonuses back.
Nationalize health care.
Let's be a socialized democracy. YAY!
Fuck the Republicans. My only consolation is that I hope they have all lost their fucking shirts, just like the rest of us.
*Not that I think the Democrats are much better.

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