Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's Boycott Red Bull

For the height of marketing stupidity, nothing can beat what I saw happen on a Friday afternoon in Mexico City.
As a prelude, I must tell you that the traffic in Mexico city is now officially a giant knot without exit, end or solution. If people thought it could not get any worse, it has and it is beyond human comprehension.
It is not helped by the absolutely stupid attitude of drivers, who contribute to it by throwing their cars at any free space without any regard for traffic laws or the right of way or even daredevil pedestrians.
So in comes some marketing/advertising genius who decides to unleash a flotilla of about 15 Minis decorated with the Red Bull colors, driven and peopled by a bunch of third rate female models (as is customary of all marketing promotions in Mexico), all the cars bearing a giant Red Bull can in the back, all honking their horns doing spins around the block, creating more traffic, more noise and more pollution, as if Mexico City didn't have enough already. I was hoping the police would stop them, but no such luck. Who gave, if any, permission for such a retarded stunt? I was sitting at an outdoor cafe when this happened and to judge from everybody else's grimaces this moronic campaign did not do much to endear us consumers to Red Bull. Quite the contrary. To which I say, I'm never drinking that shit again. And I urge you to do the same.

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