Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mexican Japanese Peanuts Warning

I am utterly amazed that this topic is still number one on this blog.
However, I am very concerned by the fact that people want to make Cacahuates Japoneses at home. The warning thing in the title is just there to scare the bejesus out of people. Don't tell me your heart didn't stop when you read that. Mine would.
It would not cross my mind to do such a thing (make them from scratch).
As I cautioned the first reader who inquired about a recipe, I have a feeling that Mexican Japanese peanuts are actually manufactured through nuclear fusion in secret facilities.
I don't understand how you could make them at home 1) without making a mess, 2) without making your building explode.
Plus, we need to support the continued existence of Nishikawa. If everybody starts making them at home, we may lose them. Look at what happened to the music industry.

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