Friday, March 27, 2009

Greetings from the "failed state"

It sure don't look that failed to me. Mexico City is magnificent and thriving, the jacaranda trees are in bloom. It certainly doesn't feel like Iraq, a truly failed state thanks to American intervention there, hello?, or like Afghanistan, which is a medieval dump. Or like Zimbabwe, or Sudan which are still rotting and festering like open wounds without anybody doing anything about it. Mexico is nowhere near that.
So there is absolutely no justification calling Mexico a failed state. It is grossly offensive in fact to call it that. But it just goes to show the ugly American aspect of the gringo. Not only more than half responsible for the problem, but hypocritical, arrogant and ignorant, to boot. I have never been an anti-yankee. I'm not the kind to blame America for everything. But this is too much. You guys should take a good look at yourselves before casting such aspersions. Why is there so much demand for drugs in America? Why can't anybody come up with an intelligent solution to cripple the drug business? Instead, it's blame it on Mexico. Patronizing, toxic bullshit is what it is.
Mexico has a lot of problems, but it is also a great country. With a great history and a great culture and great people, so fuck off.
It is amazing to me that Americans still have not a clue about Mexico. Mexico gets absolutely no respect from the US. None. Americans think it's a third world country like all of them are the same, they think it's Spring break and mordida and banditos and slushy margaritas. But I guess Americans treat the rest of the world as some kind of lowly subordinate that exists just for the amusement and enrichment of America.
I've had it with this crap.

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