Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love Class Warfare

One happy corollary (in my perverse opinion) of the current economic "contraction" is that there is new class warfare in America. Used to be the entrepeneurial, can do spirit of the rich was admired. Nobody ever bothered the rich. They were our poster boys. Our role models. Now the rich are being besieged. I find it nothing less than thrilling.
I, as many other citizens of the Confederacy of Con Artists a.k.a the USA, had to pick up my jaw from the floor as I read yesterday that AIG could or would not rescind its planned giveaway of millions of dollars in bonuses because they were protected by "iron clad" contracts.
The nerve.
Red hot iron up their malevolent asses is what they should be getting instead.
I guess we should not expect any of those talented executives who ran AIG to the ground to come forward and refuse their bonuses in good faith towards us, the little people, and current owners of AIG. Instead, the boss at AIG is afraid of lawsuits. No can do, he claims.
So our Beloved Leader has to come out (in a magnificently machiavellian populist pr move right on the day of his appearance on Leno) and instruct Geithner, who looks increasingly like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, to do whatever is in our legal power to stop the bonuses.
We should have a Roman Colosseum and throw the bankers, the AIG men and the lawyers to the lions.
Bread and Circus time, folks!
By the way, the other day I walked right by the AIG building. Creepy. All of Wall Street is very creepy now. It looks forlorn and unloved. (It was a Saturday, but still).
Also, as I walked along the Hudson River, I noticed this absurd building called Truffles, a new eyesore the color of a subway platform, which used to advertise to bonus babies with totally arrogant taglines invoking pigs amd luxury, now looking almost abandoned except for some ridiculous mannequins they stuck in the terraces to entice customers. These exclusive condos for the unfairly entitled are now RENTALS.
Screw them. Screw the developers, screw the tenants, screw the entire lot of them.
Even Saks Fifth Ave is coming out with a Bolshevik campaign, courtesy of Shepard Fairey.
We are all Trotskyists now!
My glee has no end.

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  1. I got my pitchfork, grab a torch and meet me at the A.I.G. building!