Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Boo hoo: Saddam cries foul

It is obvious from his behavior in court, if not from his years of systematic murder and ghastly torture of innocent citizens, that Saddam Hussein is a deeply disturbed psychopath. He is so used to impunity and total power, that he thinks he can still rule by fear from his captivity. He claimed, for instance, that he knew the name of whoever ratted him out, which means that if he were free today, that person and their entire family, friends and neighbors, hell, probably their entire province, should be in deathly fear of savage retribution. The guy is also media savvy and hellishly manipulative, so now he is crying that Americans have tortured and beaten him in his cell. We wish! Not that we approve of torture, like Cheney, Bush and their pal Alberto Gonzalez, who happen to be so enthusiastic about the idea that they even farm it out to other countries. Yet if there is someone who deserves a good thrashing is Saddam. Luckily for us, despite this administration's best efforts, America is still a democracy guided by civilized principles and the rule of law, not by revenge fantasies. ("We'll smoke 'em out of their holes", and "Wanted: Dead or Alive" notwithstanding).


  1. The Unknown Blogger6:40 PM

    And don't forget "Bring 'em on!!!!'

    Hey what is up with the "comment moderation"? Isn't that just a euphemism for "subject to censorship"?

    Anyway us commenters want some instant gratification too ya know.

  2. Dear Unknown Blogger: Thanks for posting.
    I love the comment moderation! I would say it is more subject to editing than censorship and we all know editing is good for mankind, in general. Everybody's not as sharp witted as you are, and we don't want idiotic posts on our clever blogs, do we?

  3. The Unknown Blogger10:16 AM

    Subject to editing? You mean like for grammar and punctuation?

    Personally, I have nothing against the occasional idiotic post...

  4. No, I mean for content, when content is below my standards. I do believe in what in Spanish is called "Despotismo Ilustrado", being an enlightened despot.