Friday, December 23, 2005

Holy Guacamole Part II

A wall at the US/Mexico border is one of the stupidest, most offensive, backward, horrid ideas the American government has come up with lately, and boy are they prolific with bad ideas.
What is the problem with allowing Mexican and other Latin American immigrants from coming to the US? As I see it, they make everybody happy, except racists.
1. They make business owners happy because they are hardworking and dependable and they tolerate abuse real well. Business owners can pay them salaries way below minimum wage and don't have to spend a dime in benefits. They make the economy grow.
2. The corrupt, ineffectual, hypocritical, inexcusable Mexican government is happy because the immigrants send billions of dollars back to Mexico and take care of things the government should be responsible for. This does not impede Mexican bureaucrats from extorting money from these people. So they are happy too.
3. The immigrants themselves, although they live difficult, marginalized lives and miss their country, are happy because they can finally save some money to send back to their families in Mexico, and they can improve their lot in life.
So what's not to like?

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