Sunday, December 18, 2005 New York, Once a Lure, Is Slowly Losing the Creative Set

Run for your lives! Bohemians and creatives are leaving this town in droves.
This is truly terrifying. Do something about it, Mayor.
The expensiveness of this city has now reached obscene, disgusting levels. Soon it will be inhabited exclusively by obscene, disgusting people.
Go into almost any bar or restaurant, have a now average $12 dollar cocktail and file for bankruptcy.
Just take one good look at Soho. It's a mall.
Just take one look at Broadway, if you can stand it:
A new musical with songs by John Denver? Abba? Lennon? Billy Joel? Rent, which sucks like there is no tomorrow?
Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack? Red Lobster? WTF!!!!
And on the NYT magazine today, an article about Mannheim Steamroller, the criminals responsible for New Age Xmas music. Are we in NY? Or are we in Kansas?
And why is everything being replaced by Duane Reade's? Are New Yorkers so frail all of a sudden they need a pharmacy every half a block?
Take the demise of Kim's Video on Bleecker St. The place was a dump. The smartass snotfaced idiot NYU film students who worked there deserve to be sent to the ninth circle of hell with a running loop of the japanese gore films they inflicted on innocent patrons endlessly playing over their heads. BUT: Kim's Video had an amazing selection of films, arsty and fartsy. True, rumor has it they were dealing bootleg videos in the back. Not nice. But now it's going to be, guess what: a Duane Reade, despite the fact that there are 2 other pharmacies right next door.
This city is going to the dogs.


  1. I have one word for you: Brooklyn!

  2. Dear Nick: if Bruce Rattner has his way, soon the word will be Queens...