Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A young entrepeneur nipped in the bud

The New York Times on the net ran an article so trashily tawdry, it has been on its most emailed list for two days.
A 13-year old, Justin Berry, exhibiting a most precocious spirit of American entrepeneurship, became the Louis B. Mayer of teenage internet porn in which he made thousands of dollars exhibiting himself on his webcam for the pleasure of mostly red state perverts. When his dad found out, he was so excited by the business opportunity that he procured prostitutes to his then 16-year old son, so he could film himself performing sex with them for his adoring audience, with a slice of the profits for Dad, naturally. In the meantime, all this porn action was going on in front of Mom's nose in her own house and all she could think was that it was very good for her neglected, solitary kid to spend such an inordinate amount of time holed up in his room in front of the computer.
The pervs claim that the kids who do this are savvy and greedy and nobody forces them. Everybody else screams bloody murder against the pervs and their criminal, predatory ways. Well I blame the FREAKING PARENTS, who are either too stupid or too monstrous to take care of their own children.
Justin's father should be arrested and incarcerated (I was going to say hung by the balls and shot, but we don't live in Iran) and the mother should be made to sit in front of a computer screen showing the fruits of her son's and other neglected children's porn labor until she learns to knock on the door and demand to know what the hell is going on.

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