Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm so swamped with work I have been neglecting you. I am in fact, sitting in an office on a gray Saturday afternoon, waiting for work stuff to print out and so sending you a line or two to beg you not to abandon this blog, because it has not abandoned you.
Who can look the gift horse of work in the mouth in this dreadful economy?
I, who have an adversarial, love-hate relationship with work (I think it's highly overrated and here in America for some reason they confuse it with morality), I'm taking as much work as I can and I'm grateful for it.
Having said this, I hear rumblings at one of my workplaces about working over the holiday break. Avowed atheist that I am, I cannot feign an offensive attack on my faith., but I think this workaholic American mishegoss needs to stop somewhere (and the Xmas break is a good place to start).
In Mexico some people say that work is so bad that they pay you to do it. Here, work is some sort of misguided godliness that I can't understand.
I'm trying to meet both halfway.

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