Sunday, December 14, 2008

National Wholesale Liquidators RIP

In one word:

or actually:


I saw a sign on the corner of Houston and Broadway saying that the National Wholesale Liquidators are actually having a liquidation sale. "Everything Must Go!"
I think it's not the usual ploy 'cause I went in there recently and the place seemed forlorn of merchandise.
Not that I went there so much. Everything they sold in there was slightly suspect, mainly because it could not be possible to be so cheap and still be legitimate. However, I bought some cherished home appliances there. Everything always cost $19, no matter what it was.
• My first Dustbuster. I still miss it. Later versions were all duds.
• Several crappy toasters that either didn't toast or they burned everything to cinders.
• $19 blenders
• Suspicious Teflon cookware.
• Most recently, a $19 space heater because believe it or not, like a character out of Dickens, my heating at home doesn't always work.
I never bought food there. The expiration date was always ancient history. I was afraid that the beauty products were excavated from Cleopatra's tomb.
But for shit for the home, it was fabulous. It was a fantastically depressing place, except when you looked at the price tags and amazement would creep into your face.
One would think that with our depression a place like NWL would stand to make a killing, since now all Americans can afford has to cost $19 tops. But it has been encroached by higher end retailers and I bet the rent is astronomical.

I'm sad to see it go.