Monday, December 01, 2008

On the other hand...

...there is a very sad, interesting article in the same issue about a Mexican family living in Sunset Park and the plight of illegal aliens in this hypocritical country.
You know where I stand on the issue: if you don't want them here, send each and every single one of them out, build a freaking wall to keep them out, but you better not need their services and their cheap, relentless labor.
I am getting tired of the smug hypocrisy of this country. Everywhere you look it's all lip service and hot air and sheer duplicity. Health coverage, immigration, the economic catastrophe, I wonder how Americans can keep the charade up. Freedom, democracy, change, hope -- these words are cheap and getting cheaper by the second, like the stock market.
This is fast becoming a mean spirited country, full of whiny selfish people who can't understand the simple concept of paying taxes so we can all have better lives.
As I'm fond of saying, I only became a Marxist when I moved to the US.

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