Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Pinter Pause

I was perusing Gawker, which reported on the death of Harold Pinter (he and Eartha Kitt, jointly having martinis in Heaven, how cool is that?). Some of the commenters were saying he was a terrible playwright.
But this is what happens for reading the stuff lazy, petty, clueless idiots write in the internet.
In any case, for a very necessary and healthy dose of Pinteresque disturbance, I can recommend The Servant, the brutal film by Joseph Losey and written by Pinter.
Or The Homecoming, or Betrayal, or the two beautiful screenplays he wrote for the movies The French Lieutenant's Woman and The Go-Between.
I was happy when he won the Nobel Prize. He may have had obnoxious political views, but he is certainly not the only talented artist to espouse uncomfortable or shrill political views (and he at least was on the right side of the argument, sort of).
We cheered him when he won the Nobel Prize and we cheer him on today.

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