Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Few Thoughts for the Holidays

A word of warning: If you are in a Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer kind of mood, you may not want to read the following.

The world reeks.
Make no mistake about it.
You may send yourself into a shopping induced oblivion of consumption, but do not for a moment forget we live in a world of gross injustice, where the powerful mock us every day. The more we bleed, the more they get away with it and the more they laugh at us. Because we let them.
Bush and Cheney are not only still at large, but still making deals and making sure they screw us till their last day in office and beyond.
That someone like Bernie Madoff exists should be proof enough of the lower reaches man is capable of. That man should be left to rot in jail til the end of days. Forget the ponzi scheme; he has singlehandedly brought Jews back to the middle ages by feeding the antisemitic hunger latent in so many. Just for that they should freaking feed him to Al Qaeda.
Our adored Obama looks like he's turning out to be a ravenous, hypocritical creep just like the rest of them, which brings no end of disappointment to me.
The banks won't say how they are spending the billions that have been handed to them in a silver platter. They hoard the money while people lose their jobs, businesses close, people lose their homes.
We live in a land of con men. And hypocrites.
We deserve everything that's coming to us because we allow it to happen. Gullible, contented people.
So merry fucking Christmas.

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