Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Japanese Guy Leaves Mexico City Airport

After living there for like 3 months.
You know, you could do worse than make Benito Juarez International Airport your home.
At least food is not bad. You can eat tacos al pastor or al carbón, or sopita de pasta, tortas Hipocampo and other Mexican goodies. You can buy overpriced Mexican Japanese peanuts! If you get bored, you can take the free monorail to the other terminal back and forth. Pretty neat.
If you happen to be staying at the new terminal, you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the fabulous Tortas Don Polo, the legendary tortas of my high school years, now with a miraculous outpost at the new, very cosmopolitan food court (they're right next to a sushi place and a horrible American fast food place). With Don Polo in the airport, I'm seriously considering moving there myself.
Imagine if some of the poorest inhabitants of Mexico City decided to make use of the unusual hospitality of the airport and camped there for months. I doubt they'd be given such a patient welcome.
But this is why I love Mexico. They let the guy live in the airport for months. They could not find a reason to send him somewhere else. If somebody tried to pull that stunt here -- they'd be sent to Guantanamo.

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