Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just an Old Fashioned Girl

I grew up listening to Eartha Kitt sing Ces't Si Bon, Old Fashioned Girl (I loved that song) and fun songs in incomprehensible languages. I loved her voice, I loved that she sang in all the languages in the world, and I thought she came from an exotic planet of unabashed sexiness and fun.
I never saw her perform cabaret here in NY, though it crossed my mind many times. But I think I wanted to keep the memory of her young leopard-covered self as I saw it in the LP cover, and the youth of her inimitable voice intact.
They don't make them like her anymore.


  1. katya8:00 PM

    no, they really don't.

  2. laura Marino5:31 PM forgot to mention that she was the sexiest catwoman in batman's history...& the reason why moi as a li'l cuban refugee started digging american culture....grrrrlll!!!