Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At a loss

My head is so full of soccer, I can't think of other topics. And I'm starting to get bored with that one too.
Of course there are many things to bitch about: the government accusing the New York Times of unpatriotic reporting; the endless, idiotic cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, the criminal incompetence of FEMA, the rise in rents, whatever.
So the flag desecration amendment didn't pass. Good. This is the only country I know where people are free to put the flag in their crotch and use it as a bra or a headrag, but the stupid senators get into a tizzy when it is used for actual purposes of self-expression.
And since I have miraculously returned to my ranting mood:
On Monday a man riding a bike was killed by a truck on Houston St. It was a horrible accident.
New York City needs to have bike lanes on every street, and bicycles need to be taken more seriously as modes of transportation. There are very few cities where riding a bike makes more sense than New York, and riding a car, less. But the car traffic continues to be ridiculous, and bikers are basically ignored. To ride a bike in the streets of New York is extremely dangerous, when it should actually be the norm.
New York should follow the example of cities like Amsterdam and Berlin and encourage bicycle use, and discourage motor vehicles. This would create less congestion, less pollution, less fuel use, less traffic, more space, healthier people.

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