Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am an Evangelist of the Church of Netflix

There's a cute article about Netflix in the Times today. This is what I like about Netflix:
1. I don't have to deal with smartass video store clerks any more.
2. No late fees ever.
3. No need to retrieve the movie and physically bring it back. Just put it back in its red envelope and throw it down a mail box. This is huge, because going to the videostore to return stuff is odious.
4. They have a lot of excellent foreign and hard to find movies. (This should actually be number one on the list). You can get foreign and American classics, you can get obscure little independent movies from all over the world, they have every documentary known to man and they also carry TV shows on dvd.
For a while, I kept getting all Bollywood recommendations from Netflix. Because of my weirdass name, they must have decided I was a Paratha, not an Enchilada. But now, they look at what I rent and they know better.
At the beginning their list was limited, but now it is amazing. I have almost 300 movies on my "queue". Plus it's fun to build your movie list and to rate films. Also, they have improved the site to give people more information about the films.
5. The movies arrive a day or two after the last one is returned. It works like a charm. At least where I live.
6. Blockbuster SUCKS.
7. Netflix is glorious.
I don't understand why more people don't have it. It should be sweeping the nation. And I should be getting a commission for shilling it with such selfless enthusiasm.

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