Thursday, June 15, 2006


My darlings:

Soccer is distracting me. I've become kind of a junkie, like when you smoke too many cigarettes and your throat is killing you and they taste like wet ash with cement but you want more. At least I know that once this thing is over, I won't give a damn about soccer until the next cup. And I'm not sure I'll make it to the end. I may have a backlash for so much useless soccer.
Right now, I'm watching the game between Trinidad and U.K and the Trinidadians are playing so fiercely and amazingly I'm really aching for them to win. Wouldn't it be cool for the tiny island to win against the Brits? It would be very cool.
Germany did not play that well against Poland either, and managed to score one goal at the very last minute. The Polish goalie was the hero of the game. I have no love for either one, but the Poles were fierce, and it would also be cool for the Germans not to win on their own turf. This is what I wish.

Another new distraction is I got a new toy called Final Draft, because now I'm going to attempt to write screenplays. I'm having lots of fun with my little toy and getting a headache by listening to Syd Field tell me how to structure a script. I'm sure it's very useful, but somehow it seems counterintuitive to me. Then, the movies he uses as examples are three movies that I can't care less for: Titanic, The Shawshank Redemption, a film I really hated, and Thelma and Louise, a film I did not believe for a second.
But I'm having lots of fun learning. And already thinking what to wear to the Oscars.
As if.

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