Saturday, June 10, 2006

The New Bulgarian Bar

The old one was bad enough, but the new one really sucks, if you ask me.
The novelty of being doused with buckets of beer and multiculti sweat, or singed with cigarettes while dancing (or rather jumping like people trying to get out of a straitjacket) to extreme Bar Mitzvah music wore off pretty quickly after a number of fun times at the old Bulgarian bar on the corner of Broadway and Canal. Now it has risen from the ashes as a multilevel dump on Ludlow street, but it still offers the dancing schvitz bath. I liked going to the old one, late at night, when they would play more of a mix of "world" and disco music.
I must confess I truly loathe gypsy music. So sue me. I loathe renovated, extremely loud, punkish gypsy music a la Gogol Bordello even more, so perhaps this is not the place for me.
I went to check out the new digs with my adventurous friends on Thursday night.
Out on the street, cooling their profuse sweat off, were hordes of young smelly men. Inside, is an appropriately underdecorated room, which tries too damn hard to look like a dump, as opposed to the more genuine and much more insouciant diveyness of the old one. So that already pissed me off. We went down a flight of stairs to find the dancing shvitz bath, and if you ask me, potential mass cremation facility, in full swing, and the music so aggresively loud that I assume everyone who was there for more than five seconds is irredeemably deaf by now and will never recover their hearing.
I may be turning into an old fart, but noise like that should be criminalized. So we paid the ten dollar entrance fee (didn't it use to be five?) and fled ten minutes later. You can send me a postcard.

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