Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fair Play

This is not about soccer. This is about a tough article by Ginger Thompson in the NYT today.
Let's take a look at south of the MEXICAN border, which makes crossing the US border illegally seem like a trip to Disneyland. The Mexican government's chutzpah is boundless, because corruption reigns in Mexico, but before they start crying about the fence and mistreatment of immigrants they would do well to put a stop to the criminal abuses in their own southern border. In the end it's all about admitting that people need more opportunity, better living conditions, so that the Chipanec indians who pick mangoes don't all run over here, to be replaced by even poorer Guatemalan slave labor. As long as Mexico continues to exploit its own, this is never going to stop.

And speaking of fair play (this is about soccer):
Coach Arena, I take back everything I said. You can continue chewing your nails forever. The US team were huge yesterday, playing, not so much against a filthy Italian team, but against a referree that seemed hell bent in giving the game to the Italians. It crossed my mind that the 2 red cards he gave the US team could have been part of a bribe. One of them was blatantly unfair.
The Italians were disgusting. One of them gave a malicious zetz with his elbow to one of the Americans in the face, that I would not allow that man on a soccer field again in a year, let alone a game. Then, they self-goaled themselves, which serves them right for playing like that. The Americans regained their honor with massive amounts of balls and spirit. And I wish them the best.

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