Saturday, June 17, 2006


The most amusing read of the day today courtesy of the NY times. Wikipedia has finally restricted access to the millions of morons (some of them evilminded morons) who think they can contribute in the editing of an encyclopedia. I'm a firm believer in democracy and a free internet, but you're bound to let loose too many maniacs with axes to grind and endless nits to pick.
I am a closet enlightened despot (not so closeted, if you ask my dearest friends) and I think consensus is highly overrated, so I believe that indeed some people know more than others and their opinions should be valued more than others. I am usually always right, by the way.
I've consulted wikipedia and the information seemes quite legit, so as the article points out, the idea works for the most part. What I found amusing is the list of protected and semi-protected entries:
The copy in red is mine.
Protected Articles

Cannot be edited.

2004 United States election voting controversies, Ohio:
But of course. How about Florida the election before?
No contentiousness there?

Florida crops up again, somehow. My suggestion is to separate Florida from the map and make it be an island next to Cuba. All our troubles would be over then, I guarantee you.

Written, I assume, by professional islamophobics (I am just an amateur)

You barbarians don't like it?

I thought we'd been through that already.

Human rights in the People's Republic of China
or lack thereof?

Military budget of the People's Republic of China
or should we all be scared shitless?
Messianic Judaism
Oy. Vavoy.

George Bernard Shaw
This one is funny. The man was a hoot.

Islam and anti-Semitism
This one is not funny.
Freedom fighter
As in suicide bomber? As in mini-mass murderer?
Mail-order bride
Moscow Metro

The last two I imagine are among the most controversial topics in human history.

Now, the next list almost sounds like a beat poem.

Semi-Protected Articles
Users can edit only if they have been registered with the site for at least four days.

Four days will make you an expert on:

Palestinian refugee
Michael Jackson
Falkland Islands
Republic of Moldova
George Washington
French Revolution
William Shakespeare
John Wayne
Ku Klux Klan
September 11, 2001 attacks
Michael Jordan
Comfort women
Mahatma Gandhi
Transcendental Meditation
PlayStation 3
Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts?

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