Friday, June 02, 2006

I hear lists are popular...

So here are some stupid lists, in no particular order:

People I should like, but I don't:

Hillary Clinton
The Democrats
Tina Fey
Sandra Bernhard
Malcolm Gladwell
Amy Goodman
Paul McCartney

People I should hate, but I don't:

Condoleeza Rice
Jim Carrey
Keanu Reeves
Sandra Bullock
Kenneth Lay

People I really can't stand:

Celine Dion
Gael Greene
La Lohan
James Lipton
Martha Stewart
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Tom Cruise
The Decider

People I like:

Spelling Bee contestants
Ari Gold
Tony Soprano
The Daily Show
Kate Winslet
Jiminy Glick

People I liked until they started getting on my nerves

Hugo Chavez

CCL (Could'nt Care Less):

Katie Couric
American Idol
Desperate Housewives

I hate lists.

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