Wednesday, May 31, 2006


How unconceivably stupid can the folks at the Department of Homeland Security be?
It's allright by me if they want to give Omaha and Louisville and Charlotte a bunch of extra moolah to protect themselves from the mullahs (he, he).
Just don't cut 40% of the grant money from New York and Washington. What are you thinking?
Wait a second, you can cut it out from Washington, it's useless, anyway.
But not from NY!
There is a reason why terrorists attack big, important, crowded cities like NY, London, Washington and Madrid. That's because the impact is much bigger, and they look more terrifying if they carry out an attack successfully in a big, important city. Big, important cities are also the centers of finance and commerce and tourism and all kinds of things that terrorists ache to disrupt.
I think we need security everywhere, because, as they say in the movies "They Are Among Us". But how likely is it that they're going to try to blow up Omaha? They may be living there, and planning stuff, like the guys who lived and took flying lessons in Florida, and look what happened. But don't take money away from the big ass cities. Your unbelievable stupidity may just make them bolder.

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