Thursday, May 25, 2006

A touch of Venus

I don't like pets. But I am friends with a dog called Venus. Venus is, I believe, a Yorkshire Terrier (what do I know from breeds?) She is like 8 years old, which makes her like 56 in human years. Venus is a true lady and that is the reason that I like her. She is very well behaved. She does not bother anyone. She likes to be petted in the neck. She likes to stand in one's lap. She looks at me with a mix of fear and longing. I never had a dog so I don't understand what they mean when they try to communicate. They are so smart, they should be able to speak. Does she want to pee? Does she want to play? Is she happy to see me or is she in mortal fear of me? No idea. Venus hates going out on the street. At least she refuses to go out with me. She is also a bit incontinent (ever heard of Depends, Venus?), especially when she gets excited to see her human friends. She leaves little poodles of pee all over my friend's apartment. Otherwise, Venus is an absolute sweetheart. She is quiet and discreet. A lady. She speaks French but not Spanish. She used to get super excited when she saw me. Now she acts all coy, almost hiding from me. She is inconsistent in that way. She comes over when I call her but I don't get the sense she really wants to do it. She's just being polite. When she sees me, she starts alerting my friend in great excitement, but I don't know if she means: look who's here or if she means, please get that bitch away from me.
She has terrible breath and she insists on licking my hands, which I hate. I wash my hands almost every time I touch her. We have a complicated friendship.

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