Sunday, May 07, 2006

Control of women

First it was abortion, now it's also birth control. The religious right will stop at nothing until we are safely back at the Dark Ages. One of their most spurious claims is that contraception makes whores out of wives, an argument that Daniel Defoe made as recently as the Eighteenth century. When sex is not for procreation only, it is assumed that only the man will benefit from and abuse the pursuit of pleasure per se. This drives me crazy. Women are not only vessels for sperm. Women love pleasure too. They seek it, they deserve it and if they wish to gorge on it without becoming pregnant they have a right to do so. No man or woman has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. For me it is that simple.
These people who claim to be defending a life-affirming culture are doing the exact opposite. The life they so passionately defend is one where a baby runs the risk to being born with AIDS in Africa to an infected single mother because they are against the distribution of condoms, or one where a woman of no means will be indentured with her children to eternal poverty and social disadvantage for not protecting herself from unwanted pregnancy. And don't give me that abstinence bullshit, when not even some members of the fucking clergy can keep their hands off little boys and girls. I've had it with the mind control and the hypocritical piousness of these maniacs, and that goes for all religions. But this leads me to a related topic.
I just spent five days in LA listening to guys talk about women as if they were juicy pieces of steak. Look at that ass, look at those boobs, look at those legs, look at that face, etc. I have to point out that I am not a prude or a feminist or easily offended. I grew up in a macho country. I am not a wallflower. However, there are limits. It gets tiresome. I never understood what the feminists meant with the objectification of women, but I think I know now. All this salivating robs women of other attributes that should be as attractive, like intellect and personality and soul. Without that, women are just pieces of ass to be consumed. At one point I said to one of the guys to think how he would feel if he was in my shoes. How would it feel for men to listen to women constantly talk about other males like that, look at that ass, those pecs, those buns, how yummy. I bet it wouldn't be that easy to swallow.
I was at a zoo recently. Apparently, in the animal world it is the male that has to primp himself up to impress the female. That's how nature works. Males are the ones with the most colorful plummage, with the most beautiful features, with the most striking colors, because they need them to attract the female. In human culture, and I don't know if it was ever different, it is the opposite. Men just have to show up, yet women will primp themselves up and do everything in their power to attract the male. This you won't find in the Discovery Channel. All you have to do is go to any dance club. This is what you will see: women beautified to the nth degree, from make up and sexy outfits, to plastic surgery. Most of the men stand around and ogle. Most of the women perform the mating dance for the benefit of the male audience. It has become custom for girls to bump and grind their asses as if they were professional strip dancers, and it is de rigeur to do it with at least another female... all that sexual teasing designed to arouse the men who stand around and drool. There is nothing wrong with making yourself pretty, but as long as women allow men to treat them like pieces of meat, as long as they don't assert themselves as equals in every department, including that of the pursuit of pleasure, they are always going to get the short end of the stick.

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