Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You can count on Bush...

...to fuck it up. Over and over. So the immigration speech last night, instead of trying to create an immigration law that works, just panders to the lunatic fringe.
Go on, send half the National Guard to the border, and use every gadget and toy you have available to zap the Mexicans coming through and make them chicharrón. As long as you don't come up for a sensible plan to naturalize those who are already here, you won't be solving the problem. Plus, that guest worker plan: not a good idea. Think Germany with the Turks.
Bush says: "Part of my job is to lead and last night I did".
Part of my job? Isn't that the entire job description of POTUS? To be a leader?
Every time I listen to him, I feel like we are mired deep in the sandbox in the kindergarden, listening to the classroom bully. Somebody deliver us from this idiot soon, please.

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