Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Marching in LaLa Land

My darlings:
Your Grande Enchilada is proud to announce that she participated in one of the LA marches together with another half a million peeps. We caught the march at the end on Wiltshire and La Brea (This being LA, we actually drove to the march, parked near the march and then only really walked like four and a half steps before being surrounded by peaceful oceans of people and many young children) and heard Mayor Villarraigosa speak quite eloquently. I was on the phone, listening to the tens of thousands of peeps in NY. Hopefully this will encourage the vermin from both sides who work in the Senate to take them more seriously and treat them with the respect they deserve. The NYT editorial is a very sensible perspective on the marches.
It seemed to me that a lot of those around me did not speak English and the sooner they start learning it the better, if they truly want to become part of this country.
But we are smack in the middle of glamorous, skanky Hollywood, and so yours truly hopes to fill you in on her celebrity filled halcyon days on the Sunset Strip. But not right now because I'm here working, and duty calls me.
Ta ta...

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