Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hola from LA

Yesterday I went out with my colleagues to have some drinks at the spectacular terrace bar of The Standard in Downtown LA and today I just had to swim in the pool of our avocado colored little hotel, despite the fact that it was cold, gray and drizzling, and so now I'm in dire need of a nap. For coming to LA, we intend to go out every night to see the fame-seeking, the fabulous few and the many who fawn over them. In the spirit of LA, I will point out that the clothes shopping here is far superior than that in New York, there are simply far many more schmattes for women to wear and look like celebrity look alikes. There is that dreamy California aesthetic that is full of whimsy and somehow works well, especially when worn by those who have those buffed California bodies and tans, who are legion. (I loathe every single one of them). The sales here are much more generous than in NY, too.
I will also tell you that as we arrived at the Grafton, (which sounds way more swank than it is but which is right next to the Mondrian on Sunset, a perfect locaction for immersing oneself in the blissfully solipsistic life of Hollywood) I believe that the members of The Strokes were at the lobby with long, hungover faces. But I'm not quite sure it was them. I can't tell The Strokes from other bands with similarly pithy names. Only in a place like LA does a guest show up for breakfast at the restaurant barefoot and wearing his jammies, bed hair and morning breath intact, with the studied nonchalance of a wannabe rock star. I thought it disgusting to eat anywhere near this individual's feet, but he must think it gives him some kind of rock cred, the schmuck.
I will also tell you the fabulous celebrity gazing I engaged in at the immigration rally I attended, where among the half million people Martin Sheen and Jeremy Davies marched, happy as clams, and without at all calling attention to themselves. I'd love to know if Salma was there too.
We've been savoring the always welcome freshness of California cuisine (with its inevitable quirky mishegoss, such as linguini with ajillo sauce or Mexican bean spring rolls. Why?), and lots of good sushi. The prices here are less abusive than in New York. Or perhaps they just seem that way because I will expense everything.

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    Does anyone left in this godforsaken shitmess CARE about getting together on a poetry/art book just for shits and grins...FUCK IT!!!!!