Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm staying put

Good luck if you are travelling this summer. Have you noticed how flying now completely sucks? It has got to be the most disagreeable experience, from leaving your doorstep to arriving to where you are going. I hate paying more than $50 for a car service to the airport. Airtrain works wonders when you are not lugging a lot and when your flight doesn't leave at an ungodly hour.
Then at the airport, mobs of slow people, terrible, stupid, screening procedures, including that greatest hit of idiocy, the taking off of shoes. Having to spend even half an hour in most any of this country's airports is already punishment enough, with their terrible food choices and their the generic environments that suck the life right out of you. And then, the piece de resistance, the freaking plane ride, with many increasingly surly, neurotic flight attendants, cramped seats, annoyed and annoying passengers.
Now, on an American Airlines flight from JFK to LA, which takes as much time almost as going to Paris, there is barely room for me at my seat, and I'm a petite 5'4 and 130 pounds (on a good day). They don't give you food anymore, which in itself is not that bad, considering that what they used to give you could not qualify as such to begin with. However, passengers should not only be advised to make their own meal arrangements in the air prior to flying on an empty stomach, but the airlines should then provide service to accommodate those eating from their lunch bags (like pick up the garbage and give you utensils, at least). American sells like a box lunch for $4 and a horrid chicken wrap for $5. You think four bucks is a decent price until you open your lunch box and find travel sized packets of raisins and other inedible airborne crap that should not be worth 75 cents. It's always a ripoff, no matter what.
Let's rent a car or take a train and screw the airlines.

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