Thursday, May 18, 2006

Department of Human Folly

Today, a sampling of quotidian human idiocy, courtesy of the New York Times:

1. Hold on to your pants! Da Vinci Code sucks:
Not that we expected otherwise. Ron Howard has become a master of the ponderous drama (A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man). His motto seems to be: It shall not have a sense of humor and if it does, it will be painful.
The review by AO Scott is probably more fun than the movie. Enjoy.

2. What about Hsub? or Yenehc? Or Qari?
We have some idiot Christian rocker to thank for the appalling fashion of calling your poor, unsuspecting kid who didn't ask to be born Heaven in reverse. In case Martians come to town and you need to illustrate the shortcomings of the human brain, this is a perfect example.

3. What is there to deliberate?
After 56 days of testimony, the jury in the Enron trial starts scratching their collective heads today. If I was there, the deliberations would take less than it's taking me to write this sentence. Fry 'em in deep lard and dunk them in BBQ sauce laced with habaneros. Till the end of time.

4. Never squander a good business opportunity.
Or: if you build it, they will come anyway.
Even if it's a simple fence you are building to protect you from your encroaching brown neighbors, you may want to give your business to your friends in the military-industrial complex.
I bet Boeing and Lockheed-Martin can't compete with Mexican wetback ingenuity.

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