Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The culture of entitlement

Everyone is a spoiled brat nowadays; everybody thinks their majesties deserve, for unexplained reasons, very special treatment, starting with people who expect restaurants to customize their food (see Burrito Rage in this very blog), and ending with people who expect the rest of us to endure their "emotional support" pets.
Nobody is denying that pets may help people with depression. AT HOME. IN THE PARK. You want to have an emotional support tarantula? Just don't bring it to the restaurant where I'll be eating. I don't want to eat next to your dog or your cat or your pet snake. And if you are so depressed, I don't want to be eating next to you either.
How about I bring my "emotional support" bottle of scotch with me to the restaurant for brunch, or to the plane?
I'm so fragile and special and needy and vulnerable. The rest of the world can kiss my ass.
People behave as if they live alone in the world. They think the rest of us are under the obligation to endure their every quirk. I've had it.

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