Friday, November 03, 2006

Bunch of Creeps

Are we surprised that some Evangelical creep, devout "Christian" father of 5, has been paying a guy to have sex with him while at the same time spewing out the most intolerant, discriminatory and inflammatory attitudes against gays? Not in the least. This Haggard guy is the same creep that appears in the movie Jesus Camp and he is so obviously fake and sinister I cannot understand how anybody in their right mind can take a look at him and believe a word he says, let alone give him money for his church. I guess a mark of the true faithful is they are not good judges of character. They just swallow anything anybody tells them in the name of Geezahs. Haggard looks and acts the part of a snake oil salesman, and I'd sooner believe he is working for the Devil, as these folks may say, than for anything truly good and moral and ethical, which is the least of their concerns.
The problem with Haggard is not that he is gay, but that he is a creep, a liar and a man who manipulates people into giving him money to build churches that look like football stadiums, but with less charm and even less real spirituality. According to Jesus Camp, he also talks to President Bush once a week. So there you have it.
This comes at a very good time; one week before the elections that are really meant to wrest political control away from the far right. I hope that, despite my friends' protestations to the contrary, conservative church going-people in America are not this massively, overwhelmingly stupid and must be sick of the hypocrisy and the imbecilic agenda of these people. I hope they show it at the voting booths.
Then we can all worry about that computer voting machines are going to have the election stolen from under the Democrats once more. Or that the Democrats still have less than a week, which is plenty of time, to fuck it up. They've been trying hard.

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