Thursday, November 02, 2006

I blame it on the food

The BBC reports, alarmingly, that British youths are the worst in Europe when it comes to drinking, misbehaving and generally running rampant. They blame it on the collapse of the family and community life.
Measured against German, French and Italian youngsters, British 15-year-olds are drunk more often and involved in more fights, and a higher proportion have had sex. The institute says young Britons are marked out by how they spend their free time.

In England, 45% of 15-year-old boys spend most evenings out with their friends, and in Scotland the figure is 59%.
In France just 17% of boys spend their time in the same way.

On the other hand, European teenagers tend to sit down for meals with their parents far more often.
Some 93% of Italian teenagers eat regularly with their families; in the UK just 64% of 15-year-olds do the same.

Now, let's do some reading between the lines. Of course, Italian kids sit down for dinner. They eat Italian food!

Of course only 17% of French kids are out on the street, instead of eating Beef Bourgignon at home. If I was a British kid and had to eat fish fingers and peas every night (or worse), I'd probably get drunk too.

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