Monday, November 20, 2006


What's the deal with the Russians? What's going on over there? Journalists who speak out against Putin are killed in cold blood, and now this ex-KGB agent who is critical of Putin has been poisoned with a highly toxic metal called thallium. Poisoned! What is this, Rasputin?
Are certain countries constitutionally incapable of not living in tyranny? Take a look at Russia. After the Tsars came the communists and after them, Putin, who is a tyrant just like everybody else before him.
I find it interesting to see that the free market economy has turned Russia into an world class exporter of prostitutes and lapdancers, a haven for a powerful, murderous mafia, their legendary penchant for corruption is not only undiminished but growing, and there is a new class of nouveau riche Russians unleashing an epidemic of bad taste around the world.
We had grander expectations for the USSR after the fall of communism. We are very disappointed.

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