Thursday, November 16, 2006

List of Damnation

• People who honk.
• People who drive really noisy motorcycles.
• People who drive in Manhattan.
• People who stand in the door on the subway and don't move out of the way.
• People who bump into you because they have forgotten they are wearing a backpack the size of Wyoming.
• People who litter.
• Men who pee on the street.
• People who don't pick up their dog's poop.
• Homeless people who upend trash cans.
• Rats and roaches.
• The clearance sale at Tower Records, where they think a cd's regular price is $20. No wonder they're closing.
• Duane Reade.
• Women who wear bangs, a skirt, pants and cowboy boots all at the same time (happens in Williamsburg a lot).
• Marc Jacobs clothes. The frumpy housedress guaranteed to make you look like a retard.
• People who love cupcakes (I'm afraid they are the same people who love Marc Jacobs clothes).
• Amy Sedaris. I. Don't. Get. It.
• Overpriced cafés with snotty attitude, terrible service and mediocre food:
Bouchon Bakery at that monstrosity at Columbus Circle; Centovini on Houston St.
• Bad service.
• Rudeness by fellow civilians.
•Why do I get junk mail from Lord & Taylor?
• Still getting mail for people who died 15 years ago.
• Goddammit, people: it's not habañero, it's habanero.
• Dick Cheney.


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  2. People who refer to the country Colombia as "Columbia". Grrrr!

    The fact that I now have to type those annoying swirly letters to be able to post a comment here.

  3. Thanks for adding to the list of damnation, dear Cynthia. As you know, it could be a rather endless list, so please feel free to add continually. As per the swirly letters, it's a way to avoid those pesky spammers, who deserve the ninth circle of hell, at the very top of the list of damnation.
    I'm sure you'd rather type in the swirly letters than have to read a comment directing you to a site where they sell either viagra or online focus groups. The lesser of two evils, etc.