Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let's call a spade a spade

That John Kerry is a putz is not being disputed. That he can't even tell a bad joke straight should refrain him from running for office ever again. I am personally begging him and his witless party: don't even think of putting this man up on the contest again. Please.
So Bush and the Republicans are having a field day dumping on Kerry's remarks, but they are forgetting that what he is saying, in essence is true. There are many smart, educated soldiers in the Army. But it is also true that the Army seeks recruits among those who cannot afford a higher education. Somebody who has the resources to go to college, excuse me but what business do they need from the Army? Everybody knows that the US Army is mostly made up of the underprivileged of this country risking their lives for those who can afford not to. I say bring back the draft NOW, and make every eighteen year-old son and daughter of America, rich or poor, join the military, and you'll see how our enthusiasm for war gets greatly diminished in no time.

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