Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Every time I now try to post something here, I'm told I should switch to the new version of Blogger, that's supposed to be an improvement. So far so good. But then, in order to switch, I need to create an account with Google. This is where I start feeling like John Hurt in 1984. Why do I need to open an account with Google? I love and understand that Blogger hosts my blog for free. Thank you. But as I try to make sense of the endless legal fine print, it turns out that Google uses cookies to get personal information to make my internet experience more relevant or pleasurable, which actually means that they see where I go and what I do so they can tell that to the advertisers, so they can come and pester me. I'm not naive, but I find it creepy.
I don't want to disable my cookies, because things don't work when you do, but so far, for instance, in my email account I always get ads from the US Army in Arabic asking for people who speak the language to join. I assume it's because they think my name is Arabic. When I joined Netflix, at the beginning I would get only Bollywood recommendations, which flummoxed me, because I'm not a great fan of Bombay musicals in general. I figured that they thought my name was very exotic and Indian sounding. Now it's much better.
So is this new Blogger some kind of sinister ploy to hack on my private life or am I unduly paranoid?

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