Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alteh Kockers in Florida:

Barack Obama will be good for the Jews, okay? Enough already.
And guess what, even McCain has his own Reverend Wright from the Right.
So stop being such pussies and get behind Obama.
As concerns Israel, he will be no worse than any of the other candidates that are busily courting your tuches.
It's fine to think about Israel, but think about your country too.
I'm being extremely polite, because then I get quoted out of context by British blogs that don't precisely adore the Jews (You heard me, Guardian).
But, American Jews, you should be loyal to your country first and if you are a liberal and a democrat, you cannot vote for McCain on the basis of Israel only. Israel can and will take care of itself. And anybody who is President of the US will make sure it does so.
I am impatient with the tunnel vision and the obtuseness. You live here. You don't live in Israel (but maybe you should, if you love it so much). So vote for the fate of this country first.

And memo to Obama: go eat some lox and bagels with these people, please.

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