Friday, May 16, 2008

BBC: Blame it on the fatties

Phew! I'm so glad it's not the Jews anymore.
The BBC informs us that the world's ills can be squarely (or shall we say roundly) blamed on the obese.
According to the article, they eat more food, drive up production, demand more energy, thereby destroying the planet.
Fat people have it really tough and now thanks to scientific researchers they're about to have it even tougher. But I wonder if instead of blaming the obese, we shouldn't blame the people who manufacture the dreadful food that makes them fat. Everybody knows that diabetes and obesity have increased all over the world due to the globalization of junk food. And everybody knows that in this strange, upside down planet it's now the poor who are fat and the rich who are thin. The poor cannot afford fresh food, so they eat crap that makes them fat and unhealthy. Is it their fault, really?
Yesterday I succumbed and had a burger at a fast food joint. The first two bites tasted good, but the more I ate it, the worse it tasted. At the end of the burger, I was unsatisfied and still hungry.
No wonder people get fat.

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