Saturday, May 24, 2008


Thanks for my Enchilado-In-Law for sending me this link to this very effective ACLU internet campaign against the newfangled surveillance that all of us citizens are being subjected to thanks to the Fascists-R-Us Bush Administration. We're potentially not only being spied by the government, but also by the ever powerful, ever vigilant and ever ravenous corporations. Check it out, it is chilling fun.
I still hold a grudge against the ACLU because I once called them requiring their help and they completely ignored me. No, I was not sent to Guantanamo, but I was horribly and inexcusably searched by a plainclothes US customs agent on my way to Little Enchiladita's wedding in Mexico. This woman groped me and was rude and aggressive and I just had a feeling she was violating me and my rights.
At the ACLU they could not be bothered with the likes of me or my fellow passengers. So I vowed never to give them one red cent ever again.
However, I have recently noticed that every time I shop in a store, they want to know my address, my phone, my email, my zipcode. What are they, my new BFF? WTF? I never give it to them. It's bad enough I have to contend with acres of junk mail every day, on top of everything we do have to be very cognizant that there are new marketing technologies that basically deny us our privacy, as the clever ACLU campaign shows.

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