Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Despicable Antisemitism

It is really tiresome (not so say hateful) how most Arab countries like Egypt have such enormous levels of antisemitism, that when a group of former Egyptian Jews tried to visit their old country, there were idiotic rumors, sparked by a TV host, no less, that they wanted to take over their old businesses and the travel agency canceled their trip. Nobody else would take them. The small Jewish community that remains in Cairo lives in such fear (I'm amazed they can stand it) that even they distanced themselves from the travelers, according to the BBC.
This is appalling. As it is appalling that the Arab media just runs rampant with antisemitism, I'm sure happily encouraged by their governments, who use it as a tool to divert their citizens from the terrible job they are doing.
It is really sad because Jews have a long and rich history in Arab countries, where in many cases they lived in peace for many years. There is such a rich culture of Jews that come from the Middle East and it is a shame that they cannot connect back to the place where they lived.
I've had it with this hatred between Arabs and Jews. Hating takes tremendous effort. How are people not exhausted from it?

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