Monday, May 12, 2008

When did this happen?

Yesterday, as I was sauntering through Jackson Heights, Queens, on a lovely excursion, I ran across this amazing development:
Green Apple Sidral Mundet. Same bottle, same lovely red and white logo but in white and green. And the liquid is very artificial light green. This is news to me.

Sidral Mundet has only had one flavor since I was born in the 20th Century. And that was apple. Sidral is a most delicious apple soda that truly tastes like apple, that is golden colored and that is also used commonly for upset stomachs.
I was afraid to try it, like you are afraid to discover some disappointing trait on someone you love and admire. But the very sweet baker from Puebla who was making pan dulce told me it was very good. Then he introduced me to a colleague that also hails from DF like me.
I will have to try green apple Sidral one of these days.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Where was this for sale?


  2. Hi Todd: It's on sale at Coatzingo bakery (next to Taqueria Coatzingo) on Roosevelt Ave.