Monday, July 07, 2008

Even Jon Stewart is a Chicken

Ex-Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi has written a book where he makes a case about prosecuting George W. Bush for murder (of American soldiers in Iraq), and nobody wants to hear about it. Nobody in the media, that is.
130,ooo books have been sold without any help from the usual pundits on TV. They're not touching it. Not even the Daily Show is touching it. One cynical guy, the editor of Newsweek, attributes it to fatigue from Bush bashing. I can never be exhausted from reminding people that Bush and his cronies are literally getting away with murder, among other gross misconducts. Never. So it's not really that, is it?
This is truly revolting.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    No disrespect, but The Daily Show has been pointing out Bush's criminal behavior for 8 years now. Why do they need to have Bugliosi on to show they're willing to take a risk? They've been risk takers from day one, and they've taken plenty of heat for it.
    I think Bugliosi's greatest talent is for self-promotion, anyway. Helter Skelter was a fascinating story, but he should have stopped there.

  2. Fair enough. But this is a case for prosecution of the POTUS, which is a bit more concrete than the garden variety outrages against him we all know and love. It would be interesting if the Daily Show, which is pretty much the only thing I watch on TV, would take it on as well.

  3. I always wonder why people preface opposing POVs with "no disrepect, but..." Anywho...

    I would like to see TDS bring Bugliosi on to talk about his book. I think it would be interesting to see JS do that interview, but I guess I feel compelled to say, no disrespect, but [;-)], TDS is a great comedy show, and though I'd love to see them "cover" a bunch of things that I think they should cover, I'm not losing any sleep over the fact that they don't.

    I don't think it makes JS a "chicken" for not bringing Bugliosi on to talk about his book, I just think it makes him... not as comedically enlightened as you are.

    Cuando nos vamos a tomar un café y hacer un crossword con tu amigo el Hassidic? jaja...