Monday, July 28, 2008

Notes from the underground

Oy, reading the paper today makes my PMS worse.
(Is there a Guiness Book of World Records record for longest PMS in human history? I think I may apply.)

1. If there is anything even more retarded than a suicide bomber, it is a female suicide bomber.
I've freaking had it with these people.

2. Iran executed 29 convicts all in one day, today.
At last, something to make Texans feel better. (ouch).
By the way, if you are an apostate, I would not advise you live or travel in Iran. Apostasy is punished with death over there. So is adultery...

3. The guy who opened fire on that Unitarian church in Tennessee did it because he hated liberals.
Don't get me started. Imagine if every liberal would act the same way towards people like this racist, hateful nutjob. This country would be magnificent!
And the problem is, they are going to stick him in jail and feed him three times a day, and give him a nice comfy bed and probably protect him from the blacks and the gays he hates so much, which actually solves all his problems. As with the fucking Islamonazis, they always choose the wrong freaking victims. This is one case where the death penalty don't sound so bad after all.

4. I happened to waste precious minutes of my time skimming through that insufferable windbag Stanley Fish in his column in the Times.
Name of his post: "Travel Narrows" (as opposed to "travel enlightens or broadens your mind"), where he confesses that he hates traveling. People keep justifying that stupid column by pretending it's written in jest, but I think the professor is dead serious and even a worse crank than I could ever hope to be. He makes Woody Allen seem like the picture of relaxation.
I really object to this glorification of people who hate traveling. And I object to anyone giving traveling a bad name. Traveling is brilliant. Ensconcing yourself in an all-inclusive resort that totally shelters you from the reality of the country you are visiting, does not count. Having said that, I had to be surgically removed from Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Baja. I'm not a backpacker either.
As a commenter said, and I paraphrase, adding a bit more vitriol, about 98% of the world cannot afford to go anywhere except outside their shack without indoor plumbing, so it is some gall for those with the privilege to complain about it.
You know what I love about travel (which is certainly not the flying)? The fact that you are suddenly somewhere else. Treading foreign asphalt. I love that.
So screw Stanley Fish.

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