Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama's Grand Tour

This man is the best thing that could happen to American policy in the Middle East. Simply to be able to generate "good will" on both sides is miraculous progress.
The Arab world suddenly has to contend with a potential American president who does not conform to their existing prejudices. This can only be good for the region. That he does not automatically discount engaging the Palestinian leadership in the quest to end the strife and that at the same time he has pledged to support the existence of Israel is the most realistic alternative we have so far, and at last, a sign of hope, to use a much abused word.
So memo to the Jews: It's good for the Jews.
Memo to the Arabs: it's good for you too.
Memo to the McCain campaign: stop behaving as if Obama was an uppity upstart. This tour is serious, important, and so far, brilliantly executed, which is much more than what your candidate has said or done for himself.
Memo to the American People: He the Man.
Go Obama!

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